How do you get XP?

We reward users with XP, an off-chain value linked to wallets, by simply playing and engaging with any Vulcan Forged made or hosted game.

Here some of the ways you can earn XP:

·       Win matches in any Vulcan Forged games e.g. Berserk, Block Babies, Forge Arena, Chess  

·       Explore our giant Virtual World VulcanVerse (measured in time played, landmarks visited etc)

·       Receive ‘Appreciations’ of your land in VulcanVerse

·       Foraging in VulcanVerse (different amounts of XP depending on what your Vulcanite uncovers)


XP is not a token like our $PYR and $LAVA tokens and therefore holds no monetary value, is held off-chain and cannot be traded. However, XP is also required to upgrade assets across our ecosystem including VulcanVerse land as well as assigning powers to various cards.

‘Hoarding’ or spending your XP is your choice.